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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Auburn, WA: Suite A, 420 H St NW, Auburn, WA 98001 / Phone: 253-245-5400

Spokane, WA: Suite A, 5815 W. Thorpe Road, Spokane, WA 99224 / Phone: 509-571-9002

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Motorplex has been offering quality heavy truck repairs and fleet vehicle maintenance for over 25 years. We have a heavy truck and fleet repair shop in Auburn, WA and Spokane, WA. We love to share some of our projects, news, tips, services and expertise on our social media pages. You can view those feeds below, and we invite you to follow Motorplex on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We look forward to connecting with you!


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Motorplex offers full diesel truck diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs. We work on all makes and models, and even offer on-site/mobile repairs.

Learn how our trained and experienced diesel technicians can improve your fleet:
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Diagnostic testing is critical for fleet managers. It can catch issues early, reduce downtime, extend the life of your fleet, and save money.

Learn more in this web story:
During long drives, it’s important to be aware of what signs or sounds mean there’s something wrong. Of course, not all noises mean trouble, but knowing which ones do, will save you from serious semi-truck repairs.
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We've put together this checklist for your semi-truck fleet. While inspections should be done before and every trip, your vehicles should be thoroughly serviced at regular intervals.

See our web story for more!
Your diesel engine has several vital parts, but one of the most critical components is the fuel injection system. When something goes wrong with that fuel injector, your whole engine will suffer.

Here are some warning signs you need fuel injector repairs:
Planning ahead for your fleet, projecting business needs, and investing in regular preventative maintenance will ensure the best performance from your vehicles.

See how a fleet maintenance partners like #Motorplex can help, and other tips:
Owning, operating, and maintaining a semi-truck requires having an experienced diesel mechanic to help with maintenance and repairs. You should know how often to bring in your semi-truck for diesel engine repairs and the signs of something wrong.
Summer is almost here and that means road trips in the RV! Before you hit the road, bring your motorhome into Motorplex for service and repairs.

Here's what we will check!
The diagnostic system tells when you need to change the oil or when a battery is at the end of its life. These things make diagnostic inspections vital for proactive maintenance.

Here’s more about why diagnostic testing is so vital for fleet managers:
Regular inspections and preventative fleet maintenance can boost fuel economy for your light auto or medium truck fleet. Check out our tips for fuel savings.
Winter brings a lot of elements that can cause damage to your semi-truck fleet over the winter. If there are any signs of wear or potential damage, catching it early is key.

Read our spring service checklist for your semi-truck fleet:
Simple checks during a pre-trip inspection can catch minor issues that could cause potentially dangerous situations on the road. Those checks should include the windshield, wipers, mirrors, reflectors, and lights.

Learn more in this story.
Well-maintained fleet vehicles will have fewer breakdowns, lower operating costs, and optimized fuel economy.

Here are some fleet maintenance tips to keep your vehicles in tip-top shape:
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Motorplex offers complete heavy truck repair and fleet maintenance services. We have shops in #Auburn and #Spokane, Washington, and also offer mobile onsite repairs.

See our extensive list of services here:
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Mobile onsite repairs can help you out when you break down or need maintenance on the road. Our emergency mobile repair unit can be dispatched quickly, saving you costly downtime.

Learn more about the service and benefits in the web story.
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Book your motorhome service early and beat the spring rush! Once the warm weather arrives, you don’t want to miss a moment to get on the road and enjoy the camping season.

Here’s what to think about with your motorhome repairs and services.
Brake trouble can be dangerous, especially when on the road. Here are tell-tale signs your semi-truck should go in for a brake service right away!
Fuel costs can make a significant impact on your bottom line. For fleet maintenance managers, finding ways to get more miles per gallon for their light auto and medium truck fleet is a priority.

Here are some fuel-saving fleet maintenance tips.
Has your truck's heat kicked out on you? Low coolant, clogged or worn heater cores and coolant hoses are a common cause. Check out these tips for trouble shooting your semi-truck's heating system.

#semitruck #coolant #heaterissues #semitruckrepair
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Good visibility is crucial to the safety of your driver, truck, load, and other vehicles on the road. The driver should see the road and surrounding clearly, and be visible to other drivers.

Here are some visibility tips for your semi-truck fleet.
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