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Auburn, WA: Suite A, 420 H St NW, Auburn, WA 98001 / Phone: 253-245-5400

Spokane, WA: Suite A, 5815 W. Thorpe Road, Spokane, WA 99224 / Phone: 509-571-9002

From cold weather, salt on the roads, and general ice and snow, there are a lot of elements that can cause damage to your semi-truck fleet over the winter. That’s why it’s essential to take the time to assess any impact as we move into the next season. If there are any signs of wear or potential damage, repairing it early will prevent issues from worsening and becoming costly.

Here are some things you should always include in your semi-truck maintenance this spring:

Check The Brakes

Winter certainly will take its toll on your brakes, so make checking them on the top of your list. Start with a visual inspection and check for any rust or corrosion from road treatments. Next, do an audible inspection and listen for air leaks. When water and moisture build-up and freeze, the ice formation can damage essential parts of the brake system.

Inspect The Windshield Wipers

With warmer weather comes spring storms and rain, making working windshield wipers necessary. Winter weather can wear down the wipers or cause cracks and uneven use.

As a good rule, replace your wiper blades every six months as part of your semi-truck maintenance. Keeping them in top shape will ensure there are no streaks, uneven wiping, or unusable wipers when you need them.

Worn Tires

Checking the tires is part of any semi-truck maintenance inspection, especially after the winter. As temperatures start changing between cold and warm, regularly check the tire pressure. Generally, every ten-degree change in air temperature can change your tire pressure by one to three PSI.

Also, do a visual inspection to check for any uneven wear or unusual tread damage. Snow on the roads can easily hide potholes or other rough road issues that may have damaged your tires.

Electrical Parts Check

The lights, batteries, connections, and wires on your semi-truck fleet also need to be checked. Visually, dim or flickering lights signify something wrong with the electrical circuit. It may be a loose connection or corrosion caused by prime winter conditions.

While checking the electrical circuit in your semi-truck maintenance inspection, don’t forget to check the batteries. If you notice any strong smells like sulphur, it’s likely a battery leak. Moisture and cold weather are prime combinations for corrosion and rust which will eat at the battery and create a leak. Deal with corrosion and leaks immediately before the damage spreads and your truck is at risk.

Call The Professionals

If you notice signs of damage outside your expertise, call a professional to help. We have the right tools and experience to handle any repairs. It’s also worthwhile getting a second inspection done by a professional just in case you missed any potential problems.

The technicians at Motorplex have years of experience working on semi-truck fleets, ensuring your fleet drivers can drive safely and without concern. Then, always maintain your fleet after a spring inspection with regular pre-trip and post-trip inspections.

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Motorplex offers the full suite of fleet maintenance and repair services for all fleets and makes and models. Whether you are a logistics company with a fleet of semi-trucks or a delivery company with light auto vans, we can put your fleet on a managed schedule that ensures its running at peak performance. Then, you won’t be scrambling when a vehicle unexpectantly needs repairs or service.

Being prepared with a fleet maintenance plan in place, and a trusted fleet repair shop will help your business run smoothly and cost-effectively.

Motorplex offers heavy-truck repairs and semi-truck fleet maintenance in Spokane and Auburn, WA. We also offer onsite and mobile repairs if you need assistance on your property or while on the road. We can handle repairs and maintenance for any make and model, including medium and heavy fleet vehicles, RVs, buses, first responder vehicles, and more.

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Motorplex Offers Fleet Maintenance in Auburn and Spokane

Motorplex offers fleet maintenance, in-shop repairs, and onsite mobile service in Auburn and Spokane. We can work on all makes and models from light automotive, medium-truck, and heavy-duty vehicles. As diesel engine repair experts, you can trust that fleet is in good hands.

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