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Auburn, WA: Suite A, 420 H St NW, Auburn, WA 98001 / Phone: 253-245-5400

Spokane, WA: Suite A, 5815 W. Thorpe Road, Spokane, WA 99224 / Phone: 509-571-9002

While fleet maintenance tends to focus on the physical parts––tires, brakes, engine––there are also the internal components. Your fleet vehicle has an entire computer system that plays a key role and needs regular maintenance.

The diagnostic system telegraphs when you need to change the oil or when a battery is at the end of its life cycle. That’s what makes diagnostic inspections so crucial because it helps with proactive maintenance.

Here’s more about why diagnostic testing is so vital for fleet managers:

Locate Issues Sooner

When it comes to mechanical parts, it’s not always an obvious sign that something has gone wrong (or is about to go wrong). Often, the issue starts small and goes undiscovered as it develops. When you notice the problem, the replacement and repair costs are much more expensive.

If, for example, the issue is a loose radiator hose, the engine could overheat and leave the driver stranded. A working diagnostic system will have lights that warn you early that something is wrong and needs attention.

Minimize Vehicle Downtime

Not all repairs on your fleet vehicle will be quick to repair. If the problem is serious or has gone unnoticed for a long time, those repairs will take time. A fleet vehicle out of commission is serious money lost each day, both in repairs and downtime.

Diagnostic testing can help fleet managers prevent those problems and minimize any required downtime. Often, the problem can be caught early and then repaired on the spot or in a few short hours instead of days.

Maximize Fleet Lifespan

A key benefit of regular diagnostic checks is that it helps expand your fleet vehicles’ lifespan. A new replacement vehicle is a costly investment, but you can keep your current vehicles running longer with proper maintenance and checkups. Uncovering and fixing those mechanical issues early on prevents wear and tear. Then, if you decide to sell or trade the vehicle down the road, the resale value will be higher thanks to its well-cared-for condition.

Common Diagnostic Checks

There are several fleet maintenance tests that you should be getting done on your vehicles.

  • Check the battery to ensure the vehicle starts properly.
  • Cylinder and compression checks keep the engine in balance so that the cylinders can handle the correct pressure.
  • The fuel system is vital to measure the fuel pressure and volume, and keeps the cooling system in check.

These are just a few parts of an overall diagnostic check that a professional can handle.

Diagnostic Testing with Motorplex

Motorplex offers complete and detailed inspections to cover your entire fleet vehicle system. We offer diagnosis and computer fault repairs and can run a diagnosis if a warning light is on your dash or just as preventative maintenance. Our shops have computer connectivity for all makes and models of trucks, engines, and transmission combinations.

If you’re a fleet manager, connect with Motorplex to learn how we can help with your diagnostic and fleet maintenance regime. We have shops in Auburn and Spokane, WA.

Motorplex Offers Fleet Maintenance in Auburn and Spokane

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Motorplex offers fleet maintenance, in-shop repairs, and onsite mobile service in Auburn and Spokane. We can work on all makes and models from light automotive, medium-truck, and heavy-duty vehicles. As diesel engine repair experts, you can trust that fleet is in good hands.

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